Niisitapii Business Administration Program Recruitment

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Niisitapii Business Administration Program Recruitment
Being Helpful to Others

Niitsitapii School of Business

This one-year certificate provides theory into practice management education.
That you can take to the workplace or ladder into Business Administration
Diploma. Partnering with Athabasca University, Professional students who need
a flexible online option can receive their certificate. For more details, please
contact us.

Length: 1 year
Applications Open: May 1, 2023
Admission Requirements:
• English 30-1 – 55% or higher or English 30-2 – 65% or higher
• Math 30-1 – 55% or higher or Math 30-2 – 65% or higher
Contact: Anastasia Plume 403-737-2400 ext. 8759

Skills Development:
- Accounting
- Business Communications
- Computer Applications
- Human Resource Management
- Small Business Operations

testimonial: NBAP Student Chelsea Heavy Head

Why I chose Niitsitapi Business
Administration Certificate (NBA)

My innate nature to becoming self-reliant has
sparked the Entrepreneurial spirit within me
from my Kainai High School years. Joining the
Niitsitapi business program is fulfilling my
desire and interest in learning about the world of
business. I feel happier and more confident
about my ability to be a successful student
partially tied to the support I receive from my
program lead and instructors.
I am grateful to the many Blackfoot scholars of
the earlier years who dreamed of our
community members learning and teaching at
Red Crow Community College. That is us
Niitsitapii - we don’t have to leave our homes
and community to gain a respected education.

- NBAP Student Chelsea Heavy Head

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