Indigenous Language and Culture Diploma (ILCD)

The program is intended for the reclamation, revitalization, and strengthening of Indigenous languages with a focus on Blackfoot.

To transfer something to others

Program Details

Niitsitapi Based Learning Environment

Students are exposed to ceremonial mentor-ship, learning from place, and classes that prepare participants to work as cultural liaisons.

2 Years
Main Campus
semester start dates
September 5, 2022
Application Deadline
July 15, 2022

Admission Requirements

Applicants currently in high school or who are completing academic upgrading must submit proof of enrollment and any available midterm marks. Final marks must be submitted within one month following the completion of the course(s)

Demonstration of initiative in learning language

Past courses taken or self identified interest in languages

English 30-1

You’ll be required to have compeleted English 30-1 with a grade of at least 65%.

Grade point average

minimum grade of 65% or equivalent

Some experience in Blackfoot knowledge

All learners are welcome but some experience will be an asset

College Level Reading & Writing

(Accuplacer Test)

Two confidential Letters of Reference

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A mandatory letter from an Eminent Scholar

A member of the Blackfoot speaking people (Siksikaitsitapi)

First Year

Certification classes that prepare participants to work as cultural liaisons, Blackfoot instructors, and Indigenous language advocates.

First Year

Second Year

Diploma upon completing 20 courses in the field of Blackfoot language and culture.

Second Year


All the courses for this program.
BKFT 100

Introductory Spoken Blackfoot I

3 Credits

BKFT 140

Language Structure: Roots, Prefixes, Suffixes

3 Credits

BKFT 175

Vocabulary Expansion

3 Credits

ILCD 112

Ceremonial Mentorship I

3 Credits

KS 130

History of the Blackfoot World

3 Credits

BKFT 155

The Blackfoot Sentence I: Declarative, imperative, interrogative

3 Credits

ILCD 113

Advanced Ceremonial and Elder Mentorship

3 Credits

BKFT 180

Using Blackfoot at Home

3 Credits

ILCD 110

Language and Star Stories

3 Credits

KS 180

Learning from Place

3 Credits

ILCD 111

Blackfoot Cultural Competency

3 Credits

BKFT 189

Blackfoot for the Workplace

3 Credits

BKFT 185

Blackfoot for the Health Field

3 Credits

ILCD 117

Teaching Language through Song

3 Credits

ILCD 115

Instructional Design for Language Courses

3 Credits

BKFT 160

The Blackfoot Sentence II: Reflexive and Tense markers

3 Credits

ILCD 114

Blackfoot Sign Language

3 Credits

ILCD 118

Current Trends in Indigenous Language Teaching

3 Credits

ILCD 119

Community Project Design

3 Credits

ILCD 116

Blackfoot Storytelling

3 Credits

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Contact a Student Funding Advisor to complete the funding application process.
Note: Continuing students must apply for funding every academic year.
Main Campus: Campbell Eagle Child - campbelle@mikaisto.com / (403) 737-2400Satellite Campus: Gerald Wright - geraldw@mikaisto.com / (403) 327-6984
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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to our most commonly asked questions. If you don't see your answer please contact:

How long is the ILCD program?

The ILCD has a duration of 2 years.

What credentials will I obtain upon completing the ILCD program?

This program awards a Diploma and consists of 20 courses (60 credits in total).

Do I need to be a fluent speaker to apply for the ILDC program?

No. This program welcomes individuals at different points in their language learning journey. Previous ILCD intakes gathered beginner and fluent speakers, thus fostering peer-mentoring, and learning outside the classroom.

Do I need to be deeply knowledgeable of the Blackfoot culture to apply for this program?

No. This program is designed to cover various aspects of cultural competency, from ceremony protocol, traditional stories, and tipi design recognition, to sign language and vocabulary expansion. Learners at diverse levels of their tribal identity development are welcome, same as non-Aboriginal Treaty 7 people who wish to develop an authentic understanding of the Blackfoot way of life.

Is the ILDC program exclusively focused on grammar?

No. The ILCD offers a holistic approach to language and culture. The program emphasizes traditional approaches to language development, such as ceremony participation and storytelling.

The ILCD significantly impacted me and helped me develop a deeper understanding of the Niistitapii way of life.
Indigenous Language and Culture Diploma (ILCD)
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Curriculum is delivered by Alberta Education Certified Instructors and Blackfoot Eminent Scholars Adult learners receive credit through Alberta Education.
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