Niitsitapi Business Administration Certificate (NBA)

The Niitsitapi School of Business in collaboration with Athabasca University offer a 1-year Business Administration Certificate, laddering into a two-year diploma option.

Being Able to Take on Tasks Independently

Program Description

Students may select other majors. NBA offers learners theory-into-practice management education, allowing students to learn and apply concepts in real-world settings. This will lead to the development of skill sets that are transferable to a wide spectrum of employment opportunities.

This program offers a 1-year certificate from Red Crow College, a 2-year certificate with Athabasca University laddering into a 2 year diploma from Red Crow College.

1-2 Years
Main Campus
semester start dates
September 5, 2022
January 9, 2023
Application Deadline
August 1, 2022

Admission Requirements

Applicants currently in high school or who are completing academic upgrading must submit proof of enrollment and any available midterm marks. Final marks must be submitted within one month following the completion of the course(s)

Proof of enrollment

Proof of enrollment and any available midterm marks. Final marks must be submitted within one month following the completion of the course(s).

Must have

Alberta High School Diploma OR A mature student WITH English 30-1 (65%) Math 30-1 (50%) OR Math 30-2 (75%)

Business Administration Certificate

Skill development will encompass areas of business communication, human resource management, contract law, organizational development, accounting, finance, economics, marketing, and technology.

Business Administration Certificate

Business Administration Certificate

Explore a program that will lead you into a dynamic career. Learn the skills that are the backbone of today’s business.

Business Administration Certificate


All the courses for this program.
First year, first semester:
– Calculation & Communication: This course provides business math, business writing, and academic writing skill development. 3 credits
NBA107 – Information Technology: This course provides skill development using computerized business tools. 3 credits
KS100 – Introduction to Kanai Studies (existing RCCC course). 3 credits
INBU201 – Introduction to Indigenous Business. 3 credits
INBU250 – Financial Management Accounting. 3 credits

First year second semester:
NBA111 – Business Ethics & CSR. This course explores how ethical decisions and corporate social responsibility plans are put into action. 3 credits
NBA113 – Entrepreneurship. This course provides an overview of being a small business owner and operational consideration. 3 credits
NBA115 – Economics. This course introduces the concepts of micro and macro economic effect on the economy. 3 credits
SOCIXXX – Innovation through Cross-Cultural Cooperation (RCCC course under development) 3 credits
INBU350 – Marketing & Data Collection. 3 credits

Second year first semester:
NBA225 – Finance. This course exposes students to the tools and terminology used in making financial decisions. 3 credits
NBA227 – Organizational Behaviour This course helps students understand how individuals function within an organization. 3 credits
INBU330 – Public Administration & Law 3 credits
INBU461 – Community Planning I 3 credits
INBU440 – Intro to Human Resources 3 credits

Second year second semester:
NBA223 – Advanced Human Resources. This course provides a practical approach to using HR tools and applying HR processes. 3 credits
SOCIXXX –Cross-Cultural Communication (RCCC course under development) 3 credits
NBA229 – Change Management & Strategy. This course demonstrates how to develop a business strategy and implement change management practices. 3 credits
INBU462 – Community Planning II 3 credits
INBU490 – Applied Research 3 credits
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