Indigenous Language and Culture Diploma

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Indigenous Language and Culture Diploma
Be aware of your environment, be observant

"This program is intended for the reclamation, revitalization and strengthening Indigenous languages with a focus on Blackfoot."

Students are exposed to ceremonial mentorship, learning from places, and classes that prepare participants to work as cultural liaisons and language instructors.

Length: 8 months / 16 months
Credential: Certificate/ Diploma
Apply by: June 10, Sept start
Contact: Doreen Williams - Freeman

The ILCD was amazing in every sense of the word. Not only did I gain access to elders I would not usually have met, but I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge from the stories and teachings they were so eager to share with us. I realize now why our language is important as it sustains our way of life and solidifies our identity as Niistitapii. I am on a journey of decolonization, and reclaiming my language is the focus. The ILCD significantly impacted me and helped me develop a deeper understanding of the Niistitapii way of life. In addition, the program connected me with individuals seeking the same knowledge. I am confident we will do our part to speak Blackfoot. I am so motivated and excited to declare my dedication to becoming a fluent Blackfoot speaker and teacher of the language.

Student Testimonial: Katie Jo Danielle Rabbit
Blackfoot name: Naatowapistoaakii (Holy Beautiful Woman)

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