Sophie Tail Feathers


Sophie Tail Feathers
Be aware of your environment, be observant

Sophie Tail Feathers - Ksikanaapii - Morning Ritual of the Sacred Horn Society
Current Member of Kainai Peacemakers and an Elder on the Elders Advisory Council of Red Crow Community College. A strong visionary of the Blackfoot people who she spends all her energy on in promoting the traditions, culture and language so she can maintain "Our Way of Life" for future generations to come. Member of the sacred Hom Society since 1973, joined the Mootokiiks (Buffalo Women Society) in 1975 and has also been asked to be an Elder for the sacred Beaver Bundle ceremonies which she always attends. Has been hired to make many sacred items for our practitioners such as: holy moccasins, holy buffalo robes, pemmican and sharing sacred ceremony information with many new female ritualists. She has extensive knowledge in the identification of traditional plant medicine which was revealed to her by her grandmother Poona Cross Child who was a healer and Medicine Woman. Sophie acquired her knowledge from Poona when she went and gathered various plants and roots to be later used in healing of various illnesses or injuries.



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