Edlers Declaration


Our knowledge holders – Kaahsinooniksi (Elders Advisory Council) keepers of our Blackfoot language and culture ensure Blackfoot specific knowledge is transmitted through Pommotsiiysinni (to transfer something to others [knowledge, etc.]

Edlers Declaration
Be aware of your environment, be observant

Eminent Scholar Resolution

(1 Dec 2003)

The Kainai community, and particularly the elders, have a right to define the criteria for competency of instructors of higher learning at Red Crow Community College Following from this, competency for Niitsitapi Studies instructors is defined principally by pommakssin (formaltransfer) and aistotsi’p (practical experience), and only secondarily by mainstream academic training The Red Crow Community College Board of Elders certifies qualified instructors as Eminent Scholars within the Niitsitapi Studies Program. All other Niitsitapi studies faculty, not qualified as Eminent Scholars, but carrying graduate degrees in mainstream academic disciplines, are expected to work closely with the elders (both in and outside of the classroom), to assure that their curriculum is shaped by Kipaitapiiyssinnoon.



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